FT-Style Competition Rules

The shooters will make ready at the shooting lanes and must adhere to the following rules:


  • All Shooters are under the direction of the Range Master.  Any safety violations will immediately disqualify a shooter for that relay.
  • Anyone shooting targets NOT in their designated lane will be disqualified.  
  • Magazines must be empty and all pellets must be loose in box or tin at the beginning of the match – Competitors are NOT allowed to stage pellets.  Pellet holders must be shaken prior to the relay starting.  Anyone caught staging pellets will be disqualified from the match.
  • Shooters may shoot from any AAFTA approved FT position they choose
  • Shooters must conform to one of the three AAFTA approved classes: Hunter, WFTF or Open.
  • Hunter shooters are allowed the use of their bucket and sticks or non fixed bipod and must keep their scopes at or below 12x magnification.
  • Open shooters may use straps and thigh rests.  Any magnification scope is allowed.
  • WFTF shooters may use any magnification scope.  
  • Prone shooting is allowed.
  • The target must be KNOCKED DOWN or OFF THE TILE in order for the relay to count
  • Once all targets are down the shooter will raise their hand and shout out FINISHED – A scorer will also verify that all targets have been knocked down or off the tile.


This event will pair up all the competitors to compete against each other.  Competitors will be separated by power plant only, piston and PCP.  The FT class/position the shooter uses is up to them, but one must conform to the rules of the class that they select.  All names are drawn at random to determine first round matches.  Odd number allows a BYE for that competitor.  


FOR All Shooters

  • Each shooter will have 16 (four of each chicken, turkey, pigs and rams) 1/10 scale NRA metal targets that must be KNOCKED down or off the TILE.
  • Targets will be placed as follows:
    • Chickens at 10 yards
    • Pigs at 25 yards
    • Turkeys at 40 yards
    • Rams at 55 yards


  • Two shooters will compete against each other in order to win the relay.  First shooter to knock down all their targets – WINS and moves on to the next relay.


Equipment Rules

  • Airgun Rifles – Must use Pellets - NO BBs or Solid Ammo
  • Airguns can be single shot or magazine fed
  • Any Caliber is allowed up to .22
  • Any type of sight is allowed
  • No Airgun can exceed 20 FPE
  • No semi or fully automatic airguns are allowed – All airguns must have a cocking device or action for each shot fired